Travel promotional products are a great tool due to the nature of the products. Travel is a verb that rings the bells for marketers, the main reason because it encourages on-the-go use and is a great way to inspire conversation. Outdoor equipment and luggage providers Lafuma, have opted to use a free customised luggage belt in order to provide motive for consumers to splash out HK $900 at selected retail stores in Hong Kong.

Travel Promotional Products: Lafuma Free Luggage Belt

Travel Promotional Products: Lafuma Free Luggage Belt

The luggage wrapping industry is a booming one, though these nifty luggage belts have also proved to be as popular. Lafuma do a great job by cleanly and cleverly integrating their logo on the luggage belt. This provides a great tool to getting the brand name out there and help to increase brand awareness.

How travel promotional products can be utilised in your 2016 marketing budget:

  • Gift with Purchase. This was the method opted by Lafuma, and is a great way to stimulate sales. Offering a free gift is a superb way to add value to the initial product offering, and provide further incentive for a potential consumer to purchase that product.
  • Purchase with Purchase. Lafuma, miss out on this opportunity, and it can be utilised in a great way to further increase sales, also making the promotional more affordable while simultaneously adding value.
  • Variety. This is a great way to add to your brands portfolio, and enter markets the perhaps may not have been thought of being associated with your brands position, though may be efficacious.
Travel Promotional Products: Lafuma Free Luggage Belt

Travel Promotional Products: Lafuma Free Luggage Belt

  • Corporate gift. If your employees or associates are constantly on the move then this could be the perfect gift opportunity for them, and aid with their travelling experiences.
  • Promotional Giveaway. This is a great way to increase brand exposure, significantly if supported by a strong social media campaign or presence.

ODM has over 10 years of experience sourcing products from China. Let us know your 2016 marketing plans, and well by sure to lend you a helping hand. If your interested in the topic of gift with purchase in particular. We have an ever expanding portal on this with advice on the topic.

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