Bottle openers and beer mugs are popular promotional products adopted by many beer brands. However, Guinness is straying away from these conventional promotional products and has incorporated other interesting promotional gifts in it’s marketing campaign – a bid to attract new customers.

Guinness is currently having a gift with purchase promotion at major supermarkets in Hong Kong. Just purchase any Guinness drink and collect the stay-on-tab or bottle caps and you will be entitled to redeem 3 different prizes – Luggage, Chess Set and Belt!

GWP Promotion - Promotional Luggage, Chess Set and Belt

Out of the 3 promotional gifts offered by Guinness, ODM feels that the promotional luggage is the most outstanding. The slick design along with the Guinness logo branded on the luggage makes it more appealing to their target customers. This functional promotional gift ensures long term visibility and acts as free advertisement to boost the brand awareness of Guinness.

Promotional Gift - Promotional Luggage

We love the fact that Guinness has ventured into a whole new area of promotional items rather than sticking with the common ones. Even though these promotional items are not complementary to the beer products that Guinness is selling, they still act as incentive products that entice customers to purchase more. This works wonders in driving sales for Guinness.

If you’re looking to customise your own promotional merchandise, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of trained staff will assist you in creating the perfect promotional merchandise that suits your needs.

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