An essential for travellers, Lacoste is giving away their free customized luggage belt with purchase of the latest issue of Elle Magazine. Elle Magazine is one of the leading fashion magazines in hair, beauty and fashion. Lacoste is well known for their sports fashion pieces. Started in France, Lacoste has made a large presence in the high-end fashion industry.

Customized luggage belt from Lacoste with Elle.

Customized luggage belt from Lacoste with Elle.

Lacoste and Elle are both high-end fashion names and together, they make this customized luggage belt irresistible.

Customized luggage belt to boost sales

With globalization, people travel more often, especially for business people. And one thing that they cannot do without is a unique and easily recognizable luggage belt. Hence, Lacoste is brilliant in giving away this customized luggage belt for free.

Firstly, this customized belt helps to promote your brand. People usually strap their luggage belt to their luggage. Then, the luggage will be retrieved from the conveyor belt. If you place your brand name on the customized luggage belt, it becomes a free advertisement to everyone around the conveyor belt! The uniqueness of the color and design helps to pique the interest of others. This would increase your brand awareness to the public and help your sales!

Secondly, a free gift with purchase would increase your product appeal to the customers. They would feel that they receive more than they paid for. Moreover, this customized luggage belt is branded with Lacoste. Thus, it makes the product even more appealing. This would result in people feeling good about your product and in turn, purchase more from you, increasing your sales!

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