To stand out in the competitive beer market, Guinness is constantly coming up with attractive promos. This is their latest promotion in Hong Kong.

Redemption gifts include Swarovski Crystal Ball-pens, Analog Watches and a Royal Crystal Mahjong Set. Simply collect enough bottle caps/can tabs as stated to get these attractive gifts.  All the products have the Guinness logo printed on it, so the brand can promote itself when customers use them.

Guinness Beer Promotions

Market Trend to Note – To cater to the local market, Mahjong sets are getting popular as a promo gift. Check out the Mahjong Promo Gift set by San Miguel and the Mahjong Promo by CCB Bank!

Beer Promos Hong Kong

Guinness bottles are sold with a promo tag on it, informing customers about the new redemption campaign.  We like how the brand conveys its promo message. By attaching an additional tag, it is not only cheap but highly effective.  This Advertising mechanism is called a Bottle Necker.

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