Following our recent posts on customized packaging, customized POS displays are also key for drawing consumers attention to your booth as well!

Domino De La Vega & Piper-Heidsieck Customized Ice Bucket..

Domino De La Vega and Piper Heidsieck have proven this at the recent Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair. Hundreds of booths displayed Wines and Spirits and the above customized buckets caught the attention of our ODM staff. The use of such Ice Buckets not only displays creativity, it helps in keeping drinks chilled too.

Instead of using a simple metal bucket, customizing promotional items like these would make your products stand out from your competition. Choose colours that associate well with your corporate brand and don’t forget that logo printing is equally important!

Check out our very own Beer Buckets and Able Table. Do not hesitate to contact us for further customization details!

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