As a business owner, you are always looking for dynamic ways to increase brand awareness and draw customers to your brand. Customised Ice Buckets are the creative solution specially designed for your brand’s design and needs. These customised ice buckets are tailored to your choice of style, colour and design that is unique to your brand. Whether you are switching up designs to reflect seasonal holidays or to advertise specific products, these customised ice buckets are sure to have the spotlight.

In this blog we look at Domino De La Vega and Piper Heidsieck inspirational customised ice buckets as displays at the recent Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair. And reasons why these displays will help you stand out from competitors.

Domino De La Vega & Piper-Heidsieck Customized Ice Bucket..

Among the hundreds of booths displayed Wines and Spirits and the above customised buckets caught the attention of our ODM staff. The use of such Ice Buckets not only displays creativity, it helps in keeping drinks chilled, and can enhance the flavors of your drinks too!

5 Reasons Customisation Stands Out From Competition

1. Unique to Your Brand

With the customisation of promotional items and ice bucket displays, no two brands are the same. Uniqueness to your brand makes customers associate a certain design or memory of the display with only your brand and product. Be the life of the trade show/event!

2. Tailored benefits

One of the benefits of customisation is that you are able to specially create tailored benefits for your brand. Choose colours that associate well with your corporate brand and don’t forget that logo printing is equally important! When such benefits are targeted, your brand can get more bang for your buck!

3. Make any product interesting

Instead of using a simple metal bucket, customising promotional items and displays like these would make your products stand out from your competition. With a dash of creativity, any common display can be made into a conversation starter.

4. Boost Visibility

Among of the competition of mass production, standing out from the crowd is essential for the success of your brand. Customised Ice Buckets is a simple but efficient way to differentiate your brand and catch customers attention.

5. Seasonal Displays

The interest of seasonal activities, flavors, symbols and colours are already present. By using seasonal branding, you are tapping into the already established seasonal interest.

How can ODM Help?

ODM is a promotional agency that can help you create high quality POS display units as well as custom promotional merchandise and marketing gifts. Between displays and promotional items, we’ve got options that covers all angles of your store to draw customers to your brand. We work closely with our team of experienced designers to create displays unique to each brand owner. And to provide our customers with a pleasant experience.

Check out our very own Beer Buckets and Able Table. Do not hesitate to contact us for further customisation details!

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