There are many ways to increase brand awareness. One of them is through marketing events. But how effective is it, really? How to make your events memorable? Use marketing promo items to make a long lasting good impression on your brand. For instance, let’s take a look at this ice bucket. This is great for any beer promotion.

This is not a normal ice bucket. Not only it is branded with Corona Extra logo, it has a built in bottle openers by the side. It is very convenient for participants to grab a bottle of beer and consume it right away. Interesting items always grab attention. Now, how does this affect your brand image?

Marketing Promo - Ice Buckets with Built In Bottle Opener

Marketing Promo – Ice Bucket with Built In Bottle Opener

Attention Grabbing Marketing Promo Items

This ice bucket definitely draws much attention. It is a perfect marketing promo item, especially as a point of sale. It gives convenience to the event participants. This is an exciting product you can use to increase brand awareness. You can even customize the product according to your creativity. Check out this ice bucket below!

Marketing Promo - Ice Buckets with Multiple Bottle Openers

Marketing Promo – Ice Bucket with Multiple Bottle Openers

This product will light up the atmosphere in your event. It will make your marketing promo more effective. People will remember how exciting the event was. This can enforce brand recall and heighten brand awareness. You can even consider giving it away to participants. Be sure that it is long lasting and has a good quality.

Not only for events, you can actually offer this bucket as a gift with purchase. Offer this bucket to the bars and restaurants you supply. They may consider using this as a display or point of sale. End consumer will have a good time using this ice bucket. They will come back again and this will increase over all sales.

No matter how you are using this item for marketing promo, remember to brand it. Engraving will make your product look classy. But if you want to get a lot of attention, you can use full colour artwork. This will communicate your brand more effectively. What do you think about this item?