Red Horse Beer, a Philippine-based beer brand, opens another round of marketing gifts. This time, they are offering a unique promo bottle opener to their avid customers. This custom bottle opener is will come in handy during parties, picnic, or simply enjoying a cold brew under the summer sky. And, Red Horse Beer definitely made a positive, lasting impression with their bottle openers.

Red Horse Gallops To Success Using A Promo Bottle Opener

Red Horse Gallops To Success Using A Promo Bottle Opener

Why Use a Promo Bottle Opener?

This promo bottle opener from Red Horse resembles a miniature Red Horse beer. It’s quirky design easily catches the attention of customers and may even start conversations at a party. Complete with label, this could help extend their visibility beyond retail stores. It’s small and easy to carry around, which makes it an ideal giveaway beer merchandise. This product presents numerous advertising benefits for beer and alcoholic drinks companies. Here are some of them:


Why Should Your Brand Use A Promo Bottle Opener?

  • Custom Designed Products Are Visually Appealing – First of all, this promo bottle opener is highly customisable which is pretty obvious in Red Horse Beer’s design. Customising a product sharpens the marketing edge for your brand higher competitive advantage over others. Being unique and visually appealing certainly gain the attention of many customers and ultimately increase profit.
  • Practical Item – If you’re a drink brand and would mainly need a gift that would go perfectly with your products, then having a promo bottle opener custom designed for your company is a must! The design of the bottle opener makes it easy to use and carry during parties or events. And when an item is handy, people would not mind bringing your marketing gift at all times. Thus, gaining your brand immense daily brand exposure. Furthermore, this promo bottle opener easily slips into any toiletry bag or pockets.
  • Great Branding Design – I commend the product designers behind Red Horse for their creative branding design. With just one look, one would easily recognize that the promotional giveaway product is from Red Horse Beer. Therefore, this ensures that your brand will be noticed right away.
  • Cost-Effective Mass Production: Bottle openers come in various designs, shapes and colors. Some are made with multiple functionalities. Depending on the style and materials used, the price could vary. But we are certain that it would still be affordable. There are one-offs online, but it is still important to speak with an expert in promotional merchandising to get an idea about MOQ in China (that is if you are considering sourcing in China), and other product specifications.


Improvements in The Promo Bottle Opener Design

Overall, the bottle opener truly got our attention. Personally, we think that it’s best to add a little chain to the bottle opener to make it portable. It instantly becomes a key chain that everyone will surely use.

If you’re considering using a promo bottle opener for your next promotion, then why not opt for something as quirky as this:


As proven by a lot of brands, promotional items are a big deal in the marketing industry. It helps you promote your brand that fit your marketing budget. Promotional items usually won’t cost your brand an arm and a leg hence start-up businesses could definitely benefit from them.


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