Being on the top of merchandise promotion isn’t easy. Creativeness and open-mindedness are needed. Tarquin’s achieved the highest notes for their outdoor promotion design. They created the coolest place on Imbibe drinks show in London. Just look at the colours.  Perfect compilation of blues made it a fresh, unique and indeed wanted place to go to.

Outdoor Promotion Design

Outdoor Promotion Design

This picture is a perfect example, taken on Imbibe drinks show. Indeed, it is this great blue promotional products and display. Tarquin’s cornish gin represents its best full covered in different shades of blue. Their bar is made of trolley. Beautiful color composition not only calms you down. You feel a fresh breeze from this place. In addition, such colours easily grab attention. They put branded custom deck chairs near to the bar.

What are the benefits of Having Effective Outdoor Promotion Design?

Brand exposure.

Outdoor promotion can be extremely effective in retaining customers. It increases product value. In other words, make customers feel that they are getting more from their purchases. This would help persuade them to return to your brand.

Fully Custom.

It does not has to be a booth. There are many forms of outdoor advertisements. Outdoor POS displays such as inflatable outdoor displays, and replicas could well attract many trade show attendees. Custom-designed outdoor promotion displays will certainly make your brand stand out. The ODM Group provides product designers who can help you from the beginning with all the way through with colours, size, shape and any questions you have.

Brings new clients.

Everything that is unique and attractive to eye brings the attention. With our help you can stand out to your competitors and get a range to new customer’s. In other words this brings you sales increase and popularity.

Reaffirms the brand’s image.

Outdoor promotion marketing campaign reaffirms the brand’s image. It certainly gain more trust in you. The more you’re seen the better impression you leave. Hence, by that you can also refresh your brand’s look.


Outdoor Promotion Design

Outdoor Promotion Design

Why the Blue Booth by Tarquin’s wows customers?

1. First thing you see is a lot of blues. A very unique design. Tarquin’s Cornish gin was “crafted on the wild Cornish coast”. So these colours visually brings people to the coast where it was made. It works on people’s imagination so they want to come over.

2. Moreover, to keep up the beach/summery vibe they used a branded surfboard. To feel even more like on the beach they put two branded deck chairs so it makes trade show visitors feel comfortable. Also, there is a wall on the back with matching pictures and a canvas bag. The deck chairs invite people to come and have a sip of their drinks. They could also use a custom designed promotional chair with custom shaped back that resembles their product bottle like this:

3. We also spotted a branded custom canvas bag in the background. Unlike plastic bags, canvass bags are eco-friendly and they help to improve brand’s image especially when they are given away as trade show token. To keep that improvement well you can use that kind of product as a gift for the customers. It will work as a brand recall.

4. In addition, their custom bar where the gin samples are served is made of a trolley. The customised branded cart design matches with the overall theme and their signature logo is printed on one side. It is very creative and as a gin’s brand display it is very catchy. Who doesn’t like to sit on the deck chair with a fancy drink in hand being served from a blue trolley?

5. The signage that sits atop their booth is also worth checking out. Trade show visitors would be able to see their booth from a great distance, thanks to their blue signage. With so many brands and products on display, having such custom POP display would definitely boost their visibility. This way, they won’t be pushed in the background.

Analysis based on the attached example in this blog you clearly see the benefits of having a custom outdoor promotion design. Every businessman thinks of their company to develop.Why not invest in outdoor promotion? It’s worth it.

Enquire @ ODM for more ways and explanation on how you can vastly improve your business. Our product designers will be able to provide you with multiple unique and interesting ideas for you to wow your audience and increase brand recognition. The specialists here are capable of assisting you throughout every process to ensure a pleasant experience. Contact ODM now!

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