If you want your company to be noticed, it is necessary to position your brand in a favorable and distinctive way. How? The use of unique POS displays is one way to make a differentiate yourself from the rest. Here’s one good example of a custom POS display by Dorsett Hotel. We spotted their custom candy cart at a corner of the lobby.

Custom Candy Cart

Custom Candy Cart

It is attention-grabbing and intriguing at the same time. It was actually a nice surprise for the customers and a one-of-a-kind hotel marketing idea. The theme and all the elements used in this POS display worked well, creating a merchandise display that is visually enticing and engaging. Here’s what we love about this display and some suggestions you might want to incorporate in your own custom candy cart display.


Why We Love This Custom Candy Cart

  • Color Choice – We love how Dorsett Hotel incorporated their brand color into this cart. Blue inspires trust, gives off a sense of security, and is calming. However, it also controls the appetite. This may seem counterproductive as this could reduce a customer’s cravings for sweets. But this will benefit people who may need to minimize their sugar intake. The younger market will surely love the whole setup since the white-powder blue combination is popular among kids and teenagers.
  • Use of Plush Toys – Mascots serve as the face of your company and it adds personality to your brand. And Dorsett did not waste time incorporating their mascot into the frame. The promotional plush toys are a fantastic addition to the set. This is because the stuffed toys give off a youthful and wholesome feel, thus helping maintain the hotel’s positive image.
Custom Candy Cart

Custom Candy Cart

  • Customized Candy Jars – The custom glass jars also added a touch of style to the cart.
Custom Candy Cart

Custom Candy Cart

  • Branded Mini Ferris Wheel – We also love the branded mini ferris wheel. The shiny metallic finish blended well with the color and the theme.
  • Framed Poster as Backdrop – The framed poster that served as the backdrop for this POS display made the display look cozy and welcoming.
  • Brand Positioning – Customers can see the website on the top part of the cart and this allows for better brand positioning. Anyone who sees this will be compelled to log on to their website, gaining them online traffic.


Movable Wheels – So that it can be wheeled outside and would be perfect for guerilla marketing. similar POS display would be that of Jelly and Gelato’s. Blogger Zoella had set up a custom cosmetic POS display that looked exactly like an ice cream cart. The colors and the overall design matched her cosmetic products and attracted a lot of curious onlookers. However, the wheels are stationary and cannot be wheeled outside the store.

Free Taste – Taste tests can help you gain more customers and feedback from people. This will also help customers decide which product they want to get.


How you present your product can shape your customers’ opinion of your brand. Creative visual merchandising and the use of high quality, professionally-designed POS display units like this custom candy cart, are critical in your marketing projects. Why not speak with our product designers at Mindsparkz to know more about how we can help you develop a design that works with your brand?

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