This custom outdoor cart is really eye catching in a Helsinki, Finland garden surrounding.  On a Sunday with loads of runners and walkers Dr. Pepper is getting amazing advertising.   They have designed a custom drink cart to promote their brand in a simple but uniformed way.

custom outdoor cart

custom outdoor cart

Custom Outdoor Cart – Appealing to the eye

Color scheme– The staff is dressed in the same colors as the Dr. Pepper cans. This attracts customers interest because all three staff members are in a uniform from head to toe.

Carts– These carts are not elaborate, but gives a clear message. They are very simple- just the logo on both sides of the cart and black frames all around. The cart is designed for drinks to sit in the front and a garbage bag in the back. The umbrella is meant to be high to attract customers from a distance.

Location– The location of the stand is a great tactic because people are walking around the fair; some will definitely want to quench their thirst. This marketing tactic allows the consumer to give a few minute briefing about what they are here while the customer is drinking their product.

custom outdoor cart

custom outdoor cart

Custom Outdoor Cart- Advantages of outdoor advertising

Dr. Pepper uses outdoor advertising to help boost their brand and build loyalty. Even though this outdoor advertising is simple, it is beneficial in a way that can help augment Dr. Pepper’s business

Target Audience– Outdoor advertising allows Dr. Pepper to target their audience in a specific town, city, or population based on where they are marketing. This efficient way of advertising can allow them to target particular demographics.

Builds your brand-Dr. Pepper’s outdoor advertising can create immediate awareness for their company. By creating a billboard, sign, or any other form of outdoor advertising, you are personalizing and enhancing the credibility of your brand. Also, if more customers see these carts around, it will start to stick with them.

Point of PurchaseWhen a customer is near a point of purchase, outdoor advertising helps to reinforce a customers decision, which can provide the final push before a point of purchase.

Lastly, the idea of giving out free samples of the product is a good idea because it spreads the word, shows the companies generosity and allows feedback.

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