A point of purchase gift is a good way to boost sales and to gain customer loyalty.

Metro is currently offering a point of purchase gift. With every S$300 nett spent in a single receipt, customers are entitled to a complimentary pitcher and 6-pcs glass set. This elegant glass set is a great addition for any home. Its intricate design also gives it a high perceived value. This promotion is available at any Metro store in Singapore.

Deluxe Point of Purchase Gift: Glass Pitcher Set

Deluxe Point of Purchase Gift: Glass Pitcher Set

Metro is one of Singapore’s successful local department stores. Founded in 1957, Metro aims to provide clothing and accessories for people of all ages and all walks of life. Metro has expanded out of Singapore and operates department stores in Indonesia as well.

Does a point of purchase gift benefit my company?

Yes, it most certainly does!

A point of purchase gift benefits your company greatly. The 2 biggest benefits reaped from a point of purchase gift are increase in sales and customer loyalty.

A point of purchase gift will entice shoppers to spend to the minimum amount so as to receive the gift. A customer may make purchase that he needs but finds that he would just need to spend a little more to receive a complimentary gift. In order to receive that gift, he will spend money on some other items to qualify to receive the gift. This will help to boost the sales revenue of the company. When the increase in sales is more than the cost spent on the promotion, profits are increased.

The other benefit of a point of purchase gift is increased customer loyalty. When customers receive a complimentary gift, they develop a good impression of your brand. This will encourage them to repeat purchase at your store. Overtime, it will help your company develop a very strong and loyal customer base.


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