Spanish Jewelry company, ARTE Madrid known for their good quality and unique designs are offering a free lustrous glass container as a free gift with every purchase of their work of art jewelry.

To receive this luxury and elegant gift all you have to do is spend $3000 in store.

ARTE Madrid Free Gift with Purchase Glass Container

ARTE Madrid Free Gift with Purchase Glass Container

This lustrous glass container looks stylish and expensive. Every woman will be glad to put this promotional gift on her dressing table to use as a jewelry jar and valuable items.

Why you need to offer free gift with purchase?

  • Boost your sales. When people have the opportunity to receive a free gift they are more inclined to spend a little bit more money on something they might not need to get it  just to take free gift.
  • Practicality. Gift with purchase is an excellent marketing idea because it makes the purchase more worthwhile. In this example, ARTE Madrid offering this glass container for jewelry is perfect for woman to store their treasurers and put on display for decorative design.
  • Brand value. A lustrous glass container as a promotional product emphasizes prestige and the high grade of a brand. Here, ARTE Madrid are offering an elite present, which when seen will provide your company with word mouth advertising.

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