Gift with purchase is one of the most important marketing strategies for various industries. If your company is launching new merchandise to the market, a free gift definitely serves exclusively for the campaign.

ARTĒ has offered a wallet for free with the on board purchase of any ARTĒ products. ARTĒ signifies art permeated with pronounced augmentations of passion, noble glamour and vogue in Spain.

Gift With Purchase Wallet offered by ARTĒ Madrid

Gift With Purchase Wallet offered by ARTĒ Madrid

Why did ARTĒ Offer a Gift With Purchase Wallet in Duty Free Shops?

By encouraging people to purchase ARTĒ products, their customers are entitled to a free wallet.

The wallet features 17.5*9.5cm and high end fabric. The logo is embossed in pieces of golden metal which makes the brand stand out. ARTĒ products are on sale in Duty Free Exclusive shops all over Madrid.

This kind of advertising technique is used in many different industries.  A good reason to offer a gift with purchase wallet is that people love free gifts and they will perceive a higher value for your brand. The wallet will be used everyday by customers which means that it will have loads of exposure to influence them in remembering your brand!

It helps to improve brand recollection as well as provide a good impact on your customers.

Free Wallet offered by ARTĒ Madrid

Free Wallet offered by ARTĒ Madrid

How to create a promotional marketing campaign?

In order to choose the best gift, there are a few factors we should take into account.

  • The proper occasions comes first. Customers love to have the free and functional gifts. A free fragile glass won’t be considered by ARTĒ  due to the inconvenience for passengers.
  • It needs to be cost effective and attractive merchandise. Sometimes customers are not really keen to buy products displayed. Instead, an eye-catching gift nearby will catch their attention. This will make them purchase competitor´s items if we not using some other kind of marketing material to attract them.

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