Visiting the Hong Kong Toy fair we have spotted this cool product – customized magnetic dartboard with a special sound function. It is an amazing promotional item for the beer and drinks promotional campaigns, can be used in bars and restaurants. If you are looking for promo item to improve your company image and increase brand recognition, this item might be your solution!

Why the customized magnetic dartboard board is a brilliant promotional idea?

At ODM we really like this customized magnetic dartboard. The product itself has different ways to customize it, which makes a spectacular promo. Place you logo on the dart board itself to raise the brand visibility, choose the main colours of the darts and customize their shape. These changes will help to communicate your advertising message to the customers and show the main idea of your marketing campaign.

Customized magnetic dartboard with a sound function

Customized magnetic dartboard with a sound function


The additional benefit of this item is the sound that can be played when the dart reaches the dartboard. The sound can be customized also! What do you think about reprogramming with the beer bottle or soda can opening sound? The magnetic board allows to play with regular bottle caps which makes it even more fun. It would perfectly fit in any bars.

It is well-known that promotional items which gather people together, are more effective in the marketing campaigns. Placing some games in your bar, will encourage people to spend more time your bar, hang out and of course purchase more food / drinks. Using such promotional items will not only raise sales, but also will increase the brand image / perception.

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