Dart boards serve are a great promotional product with the ability to customize the board or the darts themselves communicate to consumers. With this bottle cap dart board, a game of darts is even more interactive.

Shaped like a giant bottle cap, the dartboard uses magnets to allow for bottle caps to stick onto the surface of the board. This allows for used bottle caps to be used among buddies in a friendly game of darts. It also makes the dartboard user friendly as it does not use traditional darts with sharp ends.  Brilliant Beer Promo for Bars & Restaurants !

Customize your logo on the board itself to allow for marketing and advertising value. This allows the dartboard to be used in either traditional bar promos where their customized logo allows for direct marketing.   Can also serve as standalone giveaways or prizes.

The additional benefit of the item as a promotional tool is also that it encourages consumers to consume more drinks in order to get more bottle caps to play darts with. This certainly makes the dartboard a promotional product for drinks and spirit companies to consider.

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