DBS, a Singaporean bank with operations in Hong Kong, is currently giving out some promos to new customers.   We walked past their POS counter which was unattended at the time and had a closer look at the gifts.

In other countries security is more of an issue but the products on display will not be stolen here.  This demonstrates just how safe Hong Kong is & why we like living here!

The 2 products on display are good for banks

  • Umbrellas are very handy right now with rainy season in Hong Kong fast approaching. Giving an umbrella means you are covering your clients.  You are keeping them safe from the elements and helping them when in need.   Good imagery.
  • LED lamps with radio are more gimmicky.  The lamps look like old fashioned lights used in emergency if electricity goes out.  Again the image of a bank helping you out and being there in your time of need.
Which other welcome gifts would you like to see banks using as promotional products?

Promotional Products for Banks