Bar mats are very commonly used in bars to give increased visibility to beverage brands such as sodas, beer and liquor. Usually bar mats display one brand name or a combination of two beverage brand names (see previous blog).

This newly improved display bar mat offers the opportunity to showcase up to five different beverage brand names on the same bar mat.  Beverage companies who purchase this bar mat and give to bar owners advertising several drink brands in one given spot.

New Improved Bar Mat with Removable Coasters

The unique characteristic is that the coasters on the bar mat are removable and can be moved around to display a a certain drink brand over others. This is a great product for marketing beverage brands, bar owners can change the coasters to certain specific brands if there is a promotion on a special drink on a certain given night. If for example there is a promotion on whiskey and coke during a specific night, the bar owner can change the coasters to coca cola and the whiskey brand his bar serves.

This product is completely customizable in size. The picture above displays the bar mat with five separate coasters, the product can be made longer to hold more removable coasters. It is also possible to purchase the bar mat and lots of coasters in order to have a choice of many different beverage brand names to choose from. The coasters are made from PVC material, they can be customized by making them in different colors.

Bar mats offer great display for increased visibility of brand names since they are placed on the bar counter where customers are drinking or ordering a beverage. 

Contact ODMasia for any interest in this new bar mat, we can help you in manufacturing and customizing the product. Visit our website for more fun innovative beer related products.

Promotional Campaign Idea.    Print secret messages under the coasters and on hidden base that are only visible when mats are removed.   Can have memory games of games of luck which which customers can earn prizes.