It is never too late to prepare your customers for cold weather.  At the Canton Fair a number of battery power & chemical warmers were on display which can help you bring relief to your customers.

Display of a Variety of Hand Warmers @ Canton Fair

Battery Powered Hand Warmers use a heat plate and are very user-friendly as compared to the traditional hand warmer/ heat pack. Powered by a lithium battery which can hold its charge for months on end, the hand warmer heats up within 20 seconds and cools down just as fast (we tried it to test its accuracy).

With a huge surface area to imprint your brand logo and information, your brand could receive a considerable amount of exposure, increasing visibility. Being compact and portable, the electronic hand warmer makes a very nice promotional product, allowing recipients to carry them around.

Traditional Hand Warmer - Hot Pack

Compare this to the traditional hand warmer: Bend the metal plate – liquid turns to crystal and heats up.  To restore power for the next use, put the pack into a pan of boiling water with a cloth and heat until the crystal becomes liquid.

Often when people are feeling the chills, all they can turn to are gloves which may not be sufficient.

Both options above can be easily customised to match client branding.

To establish a genuine connection with your customers, your brand has to be there at the right place and time – your hand warmers being extremely useful in times of need. Add this product into your marketing mix during the cold seasons and observe its effectiveness!

How the Hand Warmer Heats You Up

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