Promotional Products case study for beer companies! This summer, Victoria Bitter offered two amazing promotional items to give Australians a chance to achieve ice cold beer perfection.

Promotional Product - Victoria Bitter Beer Bag

This “Thermo Cooler” is a souped-up cooler bag. This promotional product is perfect to keep your beers cold while you are on the move. It features a built-in thermometer and LCD screen showing the temperature inside the cooler bag at all times, you can rest assured that your beers are keeping cold.

We love the construction of this bag with the fold out section.   Contact our Bag Factory designers to get help manufacturing your dream promotional cooler bag.

Promotional Item - VB Ice Cold Alarm

The VB ice cold alarm is another very cool promotional gift which plays the classic VB theme tune to announce when your beers are at the perfect drinking temperature.

These are two examples of promotional merchandise that beer companies can offer to their customers. If you are looking for more ideas, have a look to or read some of our related blogs :

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