While visiting the HK Electronics fair ODM came across this nice item which is particularly well adapted to an “over air-conditioned” environment like Hong Kong.  That said, such a system is more critical in cold countries to protect young or aged persons.   It could also be reprogrammed for different temperatures for Green houses. The Cold Alarm is a simple yet very useful product that warns you when the temperature drops. The easy functioning works with colour code flashing LED lights making these ideal for old age users.

  • green light is on: safe environment, temperature is above 18°
  • amber light is on: warning, your temperature is under 18° (but above 12°)
  • red light is on: danger, your temperature is is 12°
  • red light + alarm buzz: temperature dangerously cold under 7°

This system is a good way to care for everyone (especially the ill, aged and infants) and can be a great gift with purchase, for any company in health business or wishing to be associated with well being. See more health related products & Green Products.