It is the perfect time to brew up a new successful marketing strategy with these awesome beer promo items now! These custom beer products will help promote your brewery, tasting event, celebrations, and more. Browse through all the 11 beer promo items and contact us about them. There are endless possibilities for beer marketing ideas with these fancy products! 

1. Wooden Beer Cap Map

The perfect gift for people who collect beer bottle caps. They are shaped like the world map in terms of continents. The holes are crafted with precision and accuracy, where your bottle caps will fit perfectly in them. You just push the bottle caps from the back and it will be held securely and safely! In addition, there are holes at the back to hang your masterpiece collection on the wall. 

You can put the caps according to each state to represent a local beer, or just fill the map up with whatever beer you had. The decision is yours! It is all about the fun of drinking the beer and filling up the beautiful pieces of beer wall art. Furthermore, it is extremely durable due to its UV resistant semi-gloss finish on sturdy maple wood. 

Contact us with code ODM-3226 for more images and prices!

2. Wooden Beer Bottle and Cap Display Holder

If you think that the wooden beer cap map is the only way to showcase your collection. Fret not! There is a minuscule version of it together with the beer bottle holder itself. This is a great promotional beer holder for companies to brand their company logo and raise brand awareness. They can be placed on bar counters or tables as a decorative piece or serve your customers with their 4 chosen beers with just a lift of the handle! Additionally, it comes in different wood variations for you to customize it to your heart’s desire. 

Be sure to contact us with code ODM-3227 to not miss out on this product!

3. Beer Bottle Shower Gel Gift Set

Make a splash in the bathroom with these beer bottle shower gels! Made in the shape of a beer bottle, it is not only humorous but also practical. You can order them in two, three, four, or six 345ml packs with the EVA puff. Besides, they are practical gifts with different types of packaging methods for you to choose from. You might say it makes a perfect gift for beer lovers, Father’s Day, or even as a corporate gift idea

Get a quote with the customization details by contacting us with code ODM-3225 today.

4. Neoprene Beer Bottle Cooler Sleeves with Zipper

Don’t be silly and drink it chilly! These neoprene beer bottle cooler sleeves help keep your beer cold while keeping your hands warm at the same time. They are ideal beer promo items that come in 6 premium colors of blue, red, orange, purple, and green. Moreover, the sleeves are made from neoprene material, which is extra insulating and durable. Due to its soft and flexible material, you can simply fold it and place it in your pocket or bag. 

Just zip up the sleeves and have your chilled bottle insulated. Get your company logo on the sleeves as well through sublimation printing to increase your customer outreach! Contact us with code ODM-3228 for your quote and customization! 

5. Magnetic Beer Bottle Hanger

Everyone needs some extra room in their refrigerator, am I right? Blow your friends away with this handy little magnetic device! It is extremely easy to use, just peel off the strip and attach it to the top of your fridge. The strong magnets will hold your beer or even other products with metal caps in place. They are fantastic beer promo items especially for companies who wish to display their beer bottles in a tidy and organized manner.

On top of that, you can offer these magnetic beer bottle hangers as custom souvenir magnets, making them the perfect present or gift for a beer-loving friend. Contact us now with code ODM-3229 for more information. 

6. Removable ABS Shower Beer Can Holder

Don’t you just want to knock back a cold one after a long day? This Shower Beer Holder is made just for that. Just remove the protective film from the back and mount it on a dry surface of your shower walls. Scrub, Sip, Sigh! Nothing like a cold one in your steaming hot shower. It keeps your can securely place and this custom drink holder can be the product for your next promotional campaign! 

Contact us with code ODM-3230 to find out more about its material, color, and sizes.

7. Large Drinking Boot Beer Glass

Show your friends who’s boss with the fastest chug from this one-liter beer boot glass! This glass can hold over 2 beer bottle’s capacity and to avoid an unwanted mess, point the toe towards the left or right as the glass is emptied. Constructed with heavy-duty glass, beer promo items like this makes for a perfect gift for cultured beer enthusiasts. 

Be sure to get this custom beer glass and get your logo on it to raise brand awareness. It will most definitely be the talk of the town! Contact us with code ODM-3231 to learn more about how we can help customize it for your business.

8. 12oz Stainless Steel Insulated Slim Can Cooler

Feel fresh and rejuvenated as never before with this portable 12oz stainless steel insulated skinny slim can cooler. Simply push your beer can down into the cooler, pop the top, and enjoy! In addition, it is durable with a sweat-free powder coat finish, so say goodbye to damp or frostbitten hands. Furthermore, it can keep your can cold for up to 24 hours and even cans warm for 12 hours with its triple-insulated technology. 

Take a swig of life and impress your customers with this modern and stylish beer cooler! You can offer them as employee appreciation gifts and make your employees remember you forever. Contact us with code ODM-3223 to know more about its features and logo branding methods. 

9. 12/16oz Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Insulator with Carrying Bag

If the slim can cooler is not for you, we have other beer promo items designed to keep your drinks cool. Case in point, this beer bottle insulator with a carrying bag! It features a double-wall stainless steel vacuum insulation that fits all your 12oz beer bottles such as Heineken, Budweiser, Bud Light, and many more. No more sweaty bottles from its condensation ever again! Moreover, the carrying bag will make it convenient for customers to carry the bag.

Keep your beer bottle cold for longer, work hard, play hard, and drink it icy cold! This product comes with a bonus bottle opener as well. Contact us with code ODM-3222 today to get a quote!

10. Beer Mug Gel Wax Candle

Beer mug gel wax candles have recently been a hit among men as a decorative piece for their “Man Caves” in several different regions. They are shaped like beer glass mugs and colored to imitate the look of real beer. Furthermore, the scents can be made to smell like actual beer! The burn time will vary according to the fragrance selected, but can last for up to 90 hours or more on average.

It’s the season of giving! These branded candles are ideal gifts for your customers and clients. Contact us with code ODM-3237 to learn more about how you can customize them to enhance your company positioning.

beer promo items

Beer Candle

11. Bamboo and Slate Craft Beer Flight Board with Engraved Glass

Make sure your bar is equipped with the necessary supplies for sipping and sampling the latest and hottest brews! This bamboo and slate craft beer flight board is a brilliant concept to boost your beer promotion. Made from natural bamboo, this branded wooden beer flight is a great solution for expanding your beer palette. Furthermore, it is equipped with four mini tasting glasses that fit perfectly into the circular indents of the flight. In addition, you can customize both the glasses and flight board. 

The key feature of this flight board will be the slate piece insert, you can perfectly label your beer samples with chalk, write and erase each time to try a new product! Contact ODM today with code ODM-3238 for more information on the materials, dimensions, and customization. 

Why Beer Promo Items?

By customizing and branding these beer promo items for your business, you will surely see a boost in sales. As people use them, you will effortlessly raise brand awareness among your target audience. Practical and appealing, these drinks marketing products can help drive brand performance in many ways. But before delving into your next beer marketing campaign, it is critical to first assess your brand identity, project or product objective, budget, and timeline. Doing so will help you get the most out of your beer promo items.

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