Marketing drinks is an art. However, that does not always mean you need expensive marketing gifts and promotional items to effectively get your brand out there. Creativity and great presentation are surefire ways to win customers. And this is where a branded wooden beer flight comes in.

Beer flight is a brilliant concept to boost beer promotion. Mini glasses of beer are served in a wooden board specially designed for your flight of beer. Drinks are served from lightest to darkest to make sure that customers will be able to savor its taste before their taste buds get accustomed to the strongest sample. Therefore, if a shop has numerous selections of tasty beer on tap, customers can choose to have an assortment of sample-sized brews to try in one sitting.

Branded Wooden Beer Flight

Branded Wooden Beer Flight

So, if you are looking to improve your beer marketing strategy, here are the reasons you should consider having a branded beer flight in your bar kit!


Why Branded Wooden Beer Flight?

Visual Appeal– Made from wood, you can expect this product to be durable and long-lasting. But most importantly, the idea of serving glasses of different types of beer in a unique tray can definitely increase visual appeal. The more appealing the presentation is, the more you want to try the drinks out.

Branded Beer Flight

Branded Beer Flight

Ideal for Any Occasion– Ideal for bars, trade shows, and parties, having a branded wooden beer flight can add fun to just about any occasion. You can even use it for drinking games.

Improves Service and Customer Experience– Customers are always looking to try something new so why not offer them various samples in small quantities? Through sampling, they will be able to compare drinks and help them to make informed decisions.

Branded Wooden Beer Flight

Branded Wooden Beer Flight

Makes Trade Show Marketing Exciting– Trade shows are a great place to connect with key players in the drinks industry. What better way to showcase your products than using a branded wooden beer flight? Not only are they perfect for beer, but they can also be used for cocktails, wine, and other alcoholic beverages. Customers will be more eager to visit your booth if you offer them an assortment of cocktail drinks to sample back to back. This also means increased engagement whenever you offer visitors a selection of drinks to try.

Branded Wooden Beer Flight

Branded Wooden Beer Flight

Inexpensive Marketing Idea– This is an inexpensive beer marketing idea that breweries and bar owners should consider. Its many benefits offset the initial cost of manufacturing. It is durable so with proper care, it is guaranteed to stay long. Moreover, it does not require any special tools to set up. Using them every day also gives marketing managers unlimited brand exposure at less than a quarter of the price of TV ads and other high-end advertising materials.

 Branded Wooden Beer Flight

Branded Wooden Beer Flight

How to Use a Branded Wooden Beer Flight for Marketing

Aside from trade shows and pubs, you can also offer this branded wooden beer flight as a promotional gift with purchase. Doing so might help encourage customers to make additional purchases.

Are you thinking of offering a promotional gift set? Your gift set can include a set of custom beer glasses, ice buckets, and a beer paddle. What we like about gift sets is that it gives customers more value for their money. Drink connoisseurs will love the idea of getting free bar tools they can use in the comfort of their homes.


To sum up…

Simple yet effective, a branded beer flight will add variety and fun to your beer promotion. When customers are overwhelmed with choices, you can help them reach a decision by offering them a selection of drinks to sample. This does two things: appeal to their sense of taste; and help improve customers’ drinking experience.

You have a lot of options when it comes to customization. You can print the brand name using silk-screen printing method or have the logo etched on the wood.


Celebrate International Beer Day with Promo Ideas

Branded Wooden Beer Flight

Beer Day

August 7 is International Beer Day. To celebrate this very special day, here are some Beer-related promotional products. Roll them out in your next drinks or bar promotions!

Boost sales with a Custom Beer Glass!

Serve your beer in a unique way with a barrel dispenser!

Credit Card Bottle Opener makes great pocket gifts for your customers!


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