We have published several Heineken beer promotions in our blog and we noticed that they are all unique and not repetitive. One of our favorites is their St. Patrick’s Day promotion where they gave away loads of limited-edition custom beer products. This time around, they are offering awesome beer promotional merchandise that customers can use for their next “travel goal.”

Beer Promotional Merchandise

Beer Promotional Merchandise

We spotted this special offer gift with purchase in Vietnam. The poster says “Gift with purchase for Parties.”

For parties that purchase 15 boxes, of either Heineken or Tiger Beer, one travel luggage will be given to them as a GWP gift.

If you purchase 15 boxes of either Larue or Larue Special, 2 branded duffel bags will be given away.

Beer Promotional Merchandise

Beer Promotional Merchandise

We love their custom travel bag because of its sleek and high-end look. The simple design is suitable for a wide range of audiences.

What makes the duffel bag great beer merchandise is that the brand name “Tiger” is printed on the body. This will ensure that the brand gets local and international exposure, thereby increasing its visibility exponentially.

This is their way of ensuring they can sell fast. But how sure are they that the products will sell fast? For some, offering freebies or GWP products feel like costly and impractical. However, studies have shown that incentivizing consumers can lead to higher sales and brand impressions.


Why Bags?

Bags generate high brand impressions more than any promotional product. As such, companies are always looking for ways to offer promotional branded bags to their target market. Bags are flexible, practical, can be used outdoors, and comes in different styles. The ability to be customized makes it an all-around marketing gift.

If you want to stand out from the rest, it is important to think in terms of functionality and quality. High-quality branded bags are a great promo gift if you are targeting a wide group of customers with diverse preferences. Travel bags are suitable for any gender and age group so they really make a huge impact on shoppers. Moreover, there is always a demand for such a product so you can be sure that your customers will use them on a regular basis.

But aside from bags, what other beer promotional merchandise did Heineken use to promote their company?


Other Beer Promotional Merchandise by Heineken

  • Branded Beach Set– Do you want an epic summer? What you need: ice-cold beer and some fun beach games!



  • USB Flash Drive– almost everyone owns a flash drive. Office workers and students rely on flash drives to keep soft copies of their work.


  • Umbrella- Heineken offered this umbrella as a purchase with purchase offer to their customers.


  • Swiss Knife- Multifunctional and practical, this gwp offer by Heineken is an excellent gift for beer lovers, campers, and anyone who loves the great outdoors!


Our Takeaways…

If you are looking for effective beer promotional merchandise, be sure to include a brand bag in your brand ambassadors kit. It offers tremendous brand impressions that will help catapult your business to success. Moreover, customers will appreciate it if offered as a gift with purchase item.

Aside from bags, you can also opt for other traditional items such as custom promotional pens, promotional printed T-shirts and bottle openers. You may add special additional features and other key functionalities to make them even more appealing to your target audience.

So if you are in need of high-quality ad effective beer promotional merchandise, just get in touch with our team. We have a group of merchandisers and product designers at Mindsparkz who will help you with product sourcing and designing.

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