I was strolling with my friends at Ben Thanh, the shopping district of Ho Chi Minh City when we saw this interesting custom merchandise display by Uniqlo. It was a multi-level store located at Parkson Plaza. We were drawn to visit the store and take a look at their clothing.


Uniqlo is a well-known and successful clothing retail brand from Japan. They are popular for their high-quality casual wear, patented technology, and collaboration with reputable designers. They are very effective with their marketing strategies, which is a driving factor for their global success.


Product displays are important for retail brands as they catch shopper’s attention and give them an impression of what the brand is all about. Hence, this could also drive impulse purchases by shoppers. Retails companies have to be very creative with customising merchandise displays to stand out from their competitors located in the same area.


Here are 5 reasons why Uniqlo’s custom merchandise display is very effective.


  1. Rotating Mechanism

Unlike other custom merchandise displays, the ones at Uniqlo’s stores rotate automatically. Usually, for usual window displays, shoppers will only get to view the product from one angle of one dimension. They will not be able to get a glimpse of all the features of the product. However, with a rotating display, it gives shoppers a 360-degree showcase of their product and shows how the clothing will fit on the user. It could potentially draw the shopper to buy their clothing.


  1. Background

The background of the display is bright and colourful. The colour also changes every few seconds. Uniqlo’s target market is teenagers and young adults and they prefer bright and neon colours. Therefore, the neon background of the custom merchandise display gives off a youthful vibe and could draw them to the store.


  1. Lighting

Light affects the appearance and illuminates the product. The lighting of Uniqlo’s custom merchandise display is bright and will make the clothing “pop”. Furthermore, at night, when the shopping district is the most crowded, Uniqlo’s store will stand out and capture shoppers’ attention.


  1. Interior of store

The glass panels of the display show the interior of the store. You could see that the store is very neat and tidy. In addition, it shows the wide product variety of the store, making people want to take a look at their products.


  1. Style

In Ho Chi Minh City, the weather is hot and humid and the people here would usually wear short-sleeved clothing and more comfortable wear. The clothes displayed are mostly suited for this climate, such as shorts and T-shirts. The clothing coordination shown on the merchandise display tells shoppers that Uniqlo’s products are well-suited for various styles


  1. Brand Logo

Uniqlo is a well-established and recognisable brand. Their brand logo on the custom merchandise display is big and noticeable so shoppers will be drawn to the store. Tourists would be interested to visit the store to see how different the store is from their home country. The Uniqlo in Vietnam may have clothing and collections that are also not available there.


Learning Points

Uniqlo’s custom merchandise display is definitely very creative and appealing to shoppers. It is very effective and really stood out from other retail brands there. Furthermore, the custom merchandise display also shows that Uniqlo is effective in their marketing strategy as they understand their target market. That is why Uniqlo is so successful globally and also very popular here in Vietnam.


How we can help

If you are looking for custom merchandise display ideas, feel free to contact the ODM team. We specialise in promotional product design product sourcing, and manufacturing. With our help with our creative in-house design team, Mindsparkz, we can come up with a unique custom display for you that will also stand out from other brands.


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