Sometimes window shopping ends with us buying more than what we planned. One reason behind impulse buying is the attractive displays that encourage us to “try” the products (especially if the items are on sale) until we cannot resist adding more to our shopping cart. A beautiful retail display design never fails to pull us in. We often equate great visual merchandising with quality and integrity.

Case in point: this bespoke retail display by Omachi. Sighted at a supermarket in Vietnam, the egg-shaped product display absolutely stands out. Omachi is a brand of instant noodle, based in Vietnam. It offers a wide range of instant noodle varieties including traditional flavors and even spaghetti.

Retail Display Design

Retail Display Design

Effective product placement, great design, and clear messaging are definitely the reasons their display stood out to us.


Omachi Retail Display Design: Why It Stood Out to Us

1. Vibrant Colors

Catchy colors and unusual design caught our attention instantly. Yellow is such a happy color so it generally gives off a sunny and warm glow. The red branding also stood out against the yellow display so it really creates fine contrast, allowing shoppers to read the writings on the display much better. Furthermore, warm colors such as yellow and red are said to stimulate appetite and hunger.


2. Made in the Shape of an Egg

We usually see rectangular shelves inside shopping stores, so something bespoke like Omachi’s freestanding display is very unorthodox but effective. Its fun and head-turning design make people curious about what they have to offer. As shoppers, we are often drawn to unique displays regardless whether we use that certain brand or not. So, customers might come to take a look at the display but might also end up buying Omachi instant noodles.

Are you wondering how an egg relates to their product? A steaming hot instant noodle soup is best served with eggs- be it raw, hard-boiled, fried, or seasoned.

Retail Display Design

Retail Display Design


3. Well-Lit

Lighting makes a huge difference in your in-store display. It can turn a boring shelf into an attention-grabbing and lively in-store marketing. Omachi’s display incorporates LED lights on the side and the brand name is also back-lit so it stands out against the dark background. The contrast created by the light makes it easier for images and letters to be read much easier. Each level is LED-lighted, accentuating the products and attracting more people to it.


4. Props

Another remarkable part of this custom POP display is the use of props such as fake grass and a bowl of instant rame. Surprisingly, the fake grass added a fantastic visual appeal. The replica of a bowl of ramen is also an interesting addition and we can see it even from a great distance.

Retail Display Design

Retail Display Design

These design elements are there not only to beautify the set, but to create initial interest, drive the message, and ultimately convert them into sales.


5. Product Placement

Positioned along the aisles, this retail pop display makes its products easily accessible to the shoppers. This way, customers can freely touch the products on offer. And since it is strategically located, shoppers who are in a hurry can just grab and go.


Our Key Takeaways

Vietnam is a haven for food lovers and shoppers. There are so many things to see and try in this lovely country. Global brands even go all out in their marketing to capture their Vietnamese audience. So, a good promotional display is what you need if you want to introduce your product to the market.

As such, it is extremely important to pay attention to your retail display design. Every aspect should be well-thought-out, useful, and contribute to the overall cohesiveness of your visual merchandising strategy.


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