Why Do Consumers Spend More with an On Shelf Display?

On shelf displays are displays that appear on store shelves. Promotional products or merchandise are usually placed on these shelves. An on shelf display is commonly used as it is extremely effective in marketing products and boosting sales. They serve many different purposes, which can increase product and brand visibility by a significant amount.

Therefore, an effective advertising strategy like this often leads to an increased amount of impulse buys. This causes consumers to spend a much higher amount on products as they end up leaving the retail store with more products than they anticipated.

on shelf displays

Here is an on shelf display by Comfort, a detergent company that we spotted at a Vietnam supermarket. On shelf displays are extremely eye-catching and attractive, which allows them to grasp the attention of shoppers. Being made of acrylic materials and printed with beautiful designs, it is definitely hard to miss. This is also a key factor in an on shelf display. Customers are more inclined to viewing and purchasing a product that is visually appealing.  Hence, a striking on shelf point of purchase display like this is difficult to ignore, which leads to high sales conversion.

on shelf displays

Furthermore, it has many fantastic elements that allow it to stand out from competitors. Firstly, it is a shelf protruding from a gondola display. This allows the product to be set apart from the rest of its competitor’s products. Secondly, the shelf is placed at eye-level which converses with shoppers more easily. This encourages and stimulates impulse buys. Thirdly, with it being in 2 contrasting colours, it brings more attention to the products.

on shelf displays

Here is another on shelf display from Downy, which has placed numerous of their detergent products on the shelf. Besides the wonderful benefits shared earlier, it also serves as additional shelving space for the product. These shelves allow for increased brand visibility and product visibility, which allows the brand to gain a competitive edge over its rivals. Check out this amazing on-shelf advertising display with an extremely interesting design that definitely WOWed customers

In conclusion,

With so many magnificent benefits, an on shelf display is definitely one advertising display option that should be considered. Moreover, with the combination of eye-level marketing, a protruding gondola display, and beautiful design, it is difficult to give such products a miss. Besides, there are many variations of on-shelf merchandising displays  that are available. It is important to choose the right one to ensure maximum benefit and sales conversion for a product.

How can ODM Group help?

Do you need help with your on-shelf displays? ODM Group is here to help you out! With years of experience in product sourcing and promotional product design, we can help with customizing on shelf displays and promotional products. ODM Group helps to brainstorm promotional products for upcoming festivals, holidays, and for other promotional campaigns. If you like these on shelf displays, speak with us today. Our team can help produce other products like POS display units, custom promotional merchandise as well as products for marketing giveaways.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are other on shelf displays that my company can use?

There are standalone shelves, custom shelf talkers and metal wire hang sell displays.

What is the difference between POS and POP?

POS, or point of sale, refers to the specific area where the exchange of goods takes place. POP, or point of purchase, refers to the physical location where consumers decide whether or not to buy a product. On shelf displays are POP displays as they are not located near points of sale.

What are some POS displays?

Some include signages, standalone displays, banners and lightboxes.

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