Most of the freestanding displays we see in retail shops nowadyas are bland and generic. As a business owner, it is important to have a customized display shelf to promote your products. Now, let’s check out The Whiskey Five custom display shelf. The brand offers five flavors of whiskey and was successful in pulling in customers with their unique set up.

Custom Display Shelf - How The Whiskey Five Stood Out

Custom Display Shelf – How The Whiskey Five Stood Out


What We Like About the Custom Display Shelf by The Whiskey Five?

  • Functional– The shelf is designed to make a good impression on customers. A well-designed display will positively impact customer’s perception and influence their buying decision.
  • Design style – The Whiskey Five’s custom display shelf  has a simple but special design. Each flavor is highlighted by a custom light box. Thus, it stands out from the crowd.
  • Visibility – The shelf display is customized with LED advertisement board, allowing for better visibility inside the store. The blog “Magnum Custom LED Display to Launch New Products” gives some explanation on the benefits of using marketing LED display.
  • Customer Trust– Custom display shelf can help convince customers to purchase your products when they think your products’ quality is as good as your display shelf.


How Effective It Is ?

  • Brand identity– A custom display shelf brings out its brand identity. The Whiskey Five’s custom display shelf looks romantic and elegant. The design appeals to the senses which can positively influence customers’ buying decision.
  • Attraction -Grabbing customers’ attention is the goal of your promotions. The design of this display shelf is attractive and looks different from other brands. Because the display shelf is novel and innovative, customers might fins this as well as your products interesting.
  • Brand name– A unique display shelf can help raise brand awareness. When customers think about whiskey, they might come and check your display. Thus, greater brand awareness and recognition can be achieved through custom display shelf.

Overall, The Whiskey Five’s custom display shelf works promoted their line of products effectively through a custom in-store display. Having a custom display shelf also helps you to reduce cost on advertising because they can be customized and be used for your next project.

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