This custom shelf display was spotted in Singapore. It is a product rack display by lux that showcases some of their recent product additions. In many stores, there are a myriad of products on shelves in different aisles. Having your own branded display shelf rack is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd.

Looking to entice your customers with a custom shelf display? Here are some amazing tips that will set you apart.

custom shelf display

Tips on having a great shelf display.


Where you place the display rack is very important. It is essential that it is at a strategic location that will make it easy for your audience to see and appreciate it. For example, Lux is a beauty brand so there are a couple of positions to place this. It would be of no effect, however, to place it in the wrong aisle like the confectionery and snacks aisle. Why? Because nobody goes looking for beauty products there. Instead, it should be close to an aisle where beauty products, soaps, and scents are displayed.

Alternatively, it can be placed close to the window so passersbys from outside can see it and be attracted enough to walk into the store. It can also be placed close to the payment point like the way retail POS displays and POP counter displays are done. This would go a long way in influencing impulse buys and brand retention.


The branding of your promotional campaign as important as the product itself. You want people to be able to tell in a distinct way that it belongs to your brand. Like in our case study today, we see how this not only stands apart from the regular shelves, there are key words that jump out at you like “Japan’s no1”, “New”, “No1 Haircare” alongside the brand name. It is distinct and unique in a way that is not too much but just right.


This encompasses a whole lot of factors like “How legible is the font?” What colours are you using? What image are you trying to portray?

You can see from the picture above that there are cut-outs of the actual product that they are advertising. At the side is also a custom hangsell display which adds to the overall appeal of this custom shelf display.

Asides from the cut-outs, the colours are bright and appealing. they’re also the warm yellow and brown tones constantly associated with the brand. This sort of creates a mental model in the minds of your target audience. They see these colours and your brand immediately comes to mind.

Going even a step further is the availability of information on the shelf. You can see at a glance what they’re offering and what the product can do for you. They have made the seeking point of their products take center stage in a way that almost screams at you and holds your attention.

custom shelf display


This is in many ways similar to differentiation. The shelf design goes all the way from the top to the racks and till the very bottom. What this kind of all-round branding does is that whatever angle of the store you are looking at it from, you can see the brand’s promotion at a glance. This is brilliant because it captures attention from every angle. The colours are maintained as well as the information. There is something about repetition that triggers retention in the human brain. The more they see it, the more likely it is to register and the longer the impression in their minds.

This is not an essential tip but it is necessary as well if you want an all-round complete promotion.


The rack is filled with different lux skincare products asides the main one that is being advertised and promoted. The effect of this is that after being drawn in by the display, customers can find one or two other products that suit their fancy and pick them up as well. Also, we think it’s genius that the prices are displayed as well so you know at a glance which you can afford. Having a variety of similar products in the same space is bound to encourage impulse buys and also give room for return customers.

custom shelf display

To sum up,

There are other alternatives to a custom shelf display. You can have a branded FSDUs, unique in-store displays, POS displays, counter displays…etc Whatever promotional strategy you choose, ensure that it is the right one that represents your brand in the best possible way. Remember the goal is to lure customers and ensure their loyalty to your brand. It is also a means too entice new ones and spread awareness of your brand.

So it is important that you get it right.

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