We certainly love the uniqueness of this customized shelf talker! The designs are slightly embossed, creating a 3D effect. The customized shelf talker was made exclusively for Big Crunch, a brand of breading mix. The vibrant design and warm colors are its selling points. Red and orange are said to help stimulate the appetite. Furthermore, these colors easily stand out.


Why We Love this Customized Shelf Talker

Texture: The first thing we noticed about this customized shelf talker is the 3D-like designs. The custom shelf talker contains steps for a delicious fried chicken, which are accompanied by photos. The pictures stick out so it does not look flat when viewed from the sides.

Customized Shelf Talker

Customized Shelf Talker

Informative– The information printed on the shelf talker is a great way to entice customers to use their products. This is truly useful for people using it for the first time.

Made from Sturdy yet Affordable Materials– Made from cardboard, this customized shelf talker is certainly budget-friendly. It is also lightweight and fairly sturdy so it can last for months or until the promotion ends.

Shelf Visibility– Too many similar products are vying for attention on this shelf. It can be difficult for customers to differentiate one from the other. A branded shelf talker easily makes the brand recognizable from a sea of similar-looking items. In this photo, you can see that the shelf talkers mark the place where Big Crunch‘s “Fry & Shake” is located. This effectively pushes other brands on the background as the shopper is primed to look only for Big Crunch.

Customized Shelf Talker

Customized Shelf Talker

Above, you can see the flavors available: Cheese, Sour cream, and Smoked BBQ.


Why Have a Customized Shelf Talker?

If you want to make the most out of your promotional shelf talker, we listed the ways it can help your in-store marketing.


Categorizing Products

In in-store merchandising, products are displayed according to categories. Aside from hanging display signs, shelf banners and custom shelf wobblers are an effective method to help categorize products. They make customers’ shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable because they know where to locate a particular product.

This is especially useful when marketing similar items in-store. The shelf talkers can serve as a means to categorize sub-categories. Here is a fine example:

In this example, you will see that each shelf talker is branded with sub-categories of alcoholic drinks. There is rum, brandy, whiskey, tequila, and so on. This way, the customer saves time looking for the drinks they want to buy instead of examining all the displays, which can be very time-consuming.


Information Dissemination

A customized shelf talker can be a great way to inform and educate shoppers. Between two products, customers are likely to choose the one that promises great benefits. Here is an example from a detergent brand, Ariel.

The shelf display shows how Ariel can make your clothes smell and look new. It is simple, easy to understand, and even when it is not written in English, one can easily “see” the benefits through the poster.


Call to Action

The goal of having a customized shelf talker is to create an immediate call to action at the point of sale. They aim to move customers to purchase by affecting their emotions or providing a solution to a problem or need. For instance, in our “Fry & Shake” example, the shelf talker tells shoppers they can achieve a tasty and crispy fried chicken by using their breading.

Pedigree’s signage is a brilliant example of showing how you can use a shelf talker to offer solution to a need, which is oral care for our pet dogs.


Social Media and QR Code

Shelf talkers can also be a good medium to promote your social media page or website. By adding a QR code, customers just have to scan it to find the company’s official website or social media page. This is especially useful if you want to boost your online presence. With more people spending most of their time online, this is a great way to keep shoppers updated on your brand’s online activities.


Add Value to Purchases

Promote contests, discounts, sales, and even custom promotional gifts using shelf talkers. Some products are too large to be displayed on the shelf. As such, you will need something to get the attention of customers such as a shelf talker. When a customer sees that you are offering exclusive gifts, they will immediately be willing to make the purchase because they know they will get more than they paid for. Here is an excellent example from Belvoir Fruit Farms, Nectar, and Close Up:


Belvoir is promoting its Sip & Dip summer raffle promo, where participants could win up to £500k worth of prizes. On the other hand, Nectar will be giving away a summer hamper with the purchase of any of their participating products.


In a nutshell, a customized shelf talker can be your best advertising tool to win the shelf war. As seen from our examples, we can say that they are flexible, cost-efficient, and really effective in selling products. They are the ultimate in-store display for anyone who wishes to give their on-shelf retail a boost.


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