If you want to boost your sales, you should capture the attention of the shoppers right before they make a purchase. Through effective Shelf Marketing, your brand gains daily exposure. This marketing style easily provides an avenue for brands to boost their in-store marketing display without compromising their budget. One good example is Ariel’s use of shelf talkers.

Shelf Marketing - Ariel Promotes Brand Through Shelf Talkers

Shelf Marketing – Ariel Promotes Brand Through Shelf Talkers

How Brands Can Improve Their Shelf Marketing Game?

There are actually quite a number of ways on how to fully utilise shelf talkers on merchandise display.

  • Post Discounts – Signs with discounted prices would naturally capture customers’ attention. Shoppers would automatically check out the price difference and calculate their savings. The actual time spent by the consumer whilst comparing prices of similar products is a positive sign for your shelf advertising. This means that customers are reading your signages and loving the customer incentive. Overall, emphasis on price drops yields a positive effect on your brand.
  • New Product Promotion – This campaign is very effective when introducing new products. If a customer sees a sign for a new product, they would get curious and would love to know more about it. It would help if they put product samples on the shelves. Customers are more likely to put this item in their shopping cart because the custom shelf talkers had them convinced that they should try their new line of products. Without signs, customers might miss your new offer.


What Are The Benefits of Shelf Marketing?

  • Visibility –  Designing ads with flashing lights and images help to differentiate the brand from the others. The more bespoke the pop display is, the more it draws in more customers because people are naturally drawn to beautiful things. The goal is not just to sell, but to showcase your best products on the shelf.
  • Colors –  Colors have a strong psychological effect on consumers’ buying behavior and decisions. It appeals to our visual senses, stimulating excitement or tranquility according to various color schemes. Hence, Ariel took advantage of a color scheme that builds a more dependent and trusting relationship with customers.
  • Cost – Effective – These displays are small and are very cost-effective. The adverts can be changed as they are held by a clip attached to the shelf. As such, Ariel set itself as a strong competitor as it is able to minimize costs while promoting the brand effectively.

Effective Shelf marketing is key to boosting in-store sales without spending much. The design and functionality are important in presenting your best products or new items on sale. With that said, why not hire a POS display manufacturer today to find out what pos materials will suit your campaign?

Interested in improving your shelf marketing with effective promotional products and marketing tools? Please feel free to contact us anytime. Whether you need promotional shelf talkerspromotional banner design, retail display standee,  and bespoke POP display units for outdoor and indoor marketing, our team of designers and merchandisers can help you out! The ODM team is expert in marketing and manufacturing. Do contact us today!

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