Recently, our team spotted another promotional item from sparkling wine brand, Bottega. The brand showed off their sparkling wine selection through the use of an elegant – looking bespoke POP display.  As their wine products are being sold in over 130 countries, it isa therefore, important to project class and quality. See their display below!

Bottega's Elegant Bespoke POP Display Pull in Shoppers

Bottega’s Elegant Bespoke POP Display Pull in Shoppers

What’s Unique with this Bespoke POP Display?

This Point – of – purchase display effectively catches the attention of potential customers. People stop in front of this display with their face full of admiration. The three-tier merchandise display perfectly complements the wines’ gold packaging. We like how the different materials blend on this display because it gives off a sophisticated vibe. Personally, the highlight of this display is the fact that it looks really expensive but in reality, it is not that costly to produce.


Why do we like this bespoke POP display?

  • Eye-catching – This elegant wine bottle display stands out from the sea of other displays. When customers check out your product, it means that they’re impressed. Chances are they’ll make a purchase. And this is the beginning of a great customer-brand relationship- just because of an impressive POP display.
  • Boost Sales – As mentioned, this display attracts attention. Therefore, sales would shoot up and orders would keep coming in. Not to exaggerate, but I’ve seen how this display works. While waiting for my flight, for almost an hour, I’ve seen at least 5 people approach the display. They took photos, selfie, and clearly, they were mesmerized. If you want to see another display idea as captivating as this, check this out.

Generally speaking, product displays are still king when it comes to in-store marketing. But in all honesty, this custom POP display from Bottega is the cream of the crop.

If you want to create your very own display, please contact our ODM team. Here at ODM, we have significant experience in product design, sourcing, and manufacturing. We can help you with anything that is about promotional items. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about POS displays promotions.


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