Competition in the wine industry is really intense. That is why marketing professionals need to think of creative and unique ideas to promote their brand and products. This oversized wine bottle display caught our attention and we think that it is successful in raising brand awareness. In this blog, we are going to explain why we think so.

For one of their campaigns, Pavillon des Vins de Bordeaux created a huge wine bottle display for their store in France. Seeing this promotional item makes me want to pop open a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. This promotional display will be able to grab everyone’s attention and entice them to purchase from you.

Brand Promotion: Inflatable Wine Bottle Display in France

Brand Promotion: Inflatable Wine Bottle Display in France


A lot of brands love this effective marketing tool. It’s mostly popular amongst beverage products. But, the use of inflatables is not limited to beverage items. This is also perfect for other products. Check out the link below to see more samples.

Why do we love this Wine Bottle Display Idea?

  • Attention Grabbing – It’s not every day that we see colourful inflatables, especially ones that are bigger than us. And, a large size inflatable beer bottle is easy to spot from a distance. It easily lures the crowd to pose and take photos of it. It’s fun – looking factor makes it very conspicuous. And since it’s highly customisable, people will love the various shapes, colours, and sizes of it. This will definitely increase brand exposure, that will eventually lead to sales and profitability.
  • Highly Customisable – Inflatables are fully customisable. It can be designed to any size, material, shape or colour you desire. The possibilities are endless! You can also design it to represent your corporate’s personality and represent your brand. Another idea is that you could have a huge brand mascot displays outside your store, and it is sure to increase audience engagement. This will definitely increase brand awareness.
  • Practical – These incredible inflatable advertising displays are affordable and cost-effective. Therefore, successful in maximising profits. Not only so, but they are also perfect for outdoor events. Made of great quality, these promo displays are able to withstand all weather conditions. They are also easy to set up and provide a large space for branding.

In most cases, inflatables are usually seen in tradeshows, fairs, events, and concerts. These items are perfect for the said events since crowds of people will surely see your brand.

This promotional strategy is very powerful when done right. Unique promotional products will give you a great marketing advantage over other brands. Even if you have heaps of competition, always remember that a good marketing strategy will always raise your brand to new heights. So don’t be afraid to experiment to find the best custom promotional merchandise that will suit your branding needs.


How can ODM help?

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For our French Readers:

Face à une intensité concurrentielle de plus en plus forte dans le secteur du vin en France, les professionnels du marketing doivent trouver des moyens innovants pour se démarquer de leurs concurrents. Une marque française a alors vu les choses en grand pour sa dernière promotion. Pavillon des Vins de Bordeaux a créé une bouteille de vin gonflable immense pour son magasin français, qui ne peut pas passer inaperçue . Cette bouteille nous attire vers le magasin mais elle donne surtout envie aux amateurs de vin d’aller acheter une bouteille.

Découvrez ci dessous, d’autres marques qui ont aussi vu les choses en grand et ont utilisé cet outil marketing très efficace pour attirer l’attention.


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