Beer Lao is making a bold statement in Japan with their custom outdoor inflatables! With so many beverage brands in the market today, having these giant inflatable beer bottles tremendously improves their brand visibility.

custom outdoor inflatables

custom outdoor inflatables

Inflatables are increasingly getting popular these days. Drinks companies love them.  You can see them in trade fairs and other outdoor marketing campaigns. Take a look at these previous blogs:

Attention-grabbing inflatable displays make a huge impact on customers. This one definitely makes a good front door display, but it’s not as striking as Beer Lao’s giant outdoor inflatables.

Welcome clients with this custom inflatable to make a lasting mark. It’s unconventional and is fun to look at.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor setting, this giant display is hard to miss. Its incredible size is attracting lots of people to their stand- proof that novelty is important in promoting drinks.

If you’re looking to draw in more customers and increase sales, then maybe you need custom outdoor inflatables as well. Here’s why:

How Beer Lao’s Custom Outdoor Inflatables Pull In Crowds

  • Distinct Design: The gigantic size of Beer Lao’s inflatable beer bottle makes it easy to spot from a distance. It tempts people to come and check out their booth. Moreover, the display looks exactly like their beer bottle, thereby increasing brand recall.
  • Gives Off Fun Vibe: Inflatables have a “fun factor” that other marketing strategies lack. As such, it makes the brand closer to their target market. It seems Beer Lao knows how to approach their audience with fun marketing moves. In this blog, the brand used unique promo items such as branded umbrella, car sticker, napkin holder, ice bucket, and water gun.
  • Long-Lasting Impression: Inflatables are water-proof and extremely durable. Hence, it can be used for many years to come. It’s easy to set up and to take down. Moreover, it requires little maintenance. Inflating it doesn’t eat up much time, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Other Outdoor Promotional Merchandise By Beer Lao

custom outdoor inflatables

custom outdoor inflatables

  • Banners: Greeting the customers is a full-color print tarpaulin banner. The huge Beer Lao print makes a striking statement that is hard to miss. One can easily notice it amidst the crowd.
  • Flyers: Promotional flyers allow buyers to learn more about their products- discounts, freebies, and more.
  • Merchandise DisplayDisplaying their beers on the table makes it easy for customers to have a closer look of the actual product. As such, it would be easy for them to choose which product to buy. This allows them to make a wise buying decision.
  • Table Cover: The printed table cover complements the banner, thus, making a stronger impact. The use of brand visuals in the cover makes their message more powerful and their brand easier to recall.
  • Shirts: Their sales representatives are wearing blue shirt with white Beer Lao logo on it. The blue-white combination makes the logo pop. Wearing these branded shirts means maximum exposure for their brand.

Beer Lao’s marketing move can be summed up in one word: powerful. The use of eye-catching custom outdoor inflatables coupled with other marketing strategies gave them a lot of advertising advantage.

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Promo items drive brand performance and increase sales.  We can’t say enough about using custom outdoor inflatables as a key part of your marketing activations.   The weather was warm and the beer tasted great too…