More promotional trends from France – here Jenlain beer is promoting its boxed gift set including a bottle, a glass and 2 miniature bottles of syrup to flavour your beer.

Miniature bottles are a great idea for on pack gifts and in this case showcase the unique drinking experience for the product.  Other benefits

  • Free gift always encourages sales
  • Unique Promo jumps off Shelves and grabs attention
  • Free miniature bottle can lead on a potential future purchase of beer
  • Mix of traditional drinks & Bright Young Packaging works !!

The Beer promotion works for both products: increased beer sales and the sampled bottle can be seen as a co-branded promo.

Jenlain choose to give away sirup bottles which is interesting as beer cocktails are really rare on the market.   Great campaign to attract new customers like women for instance.

Also useful for bars and restaurants, miniature bottles are worth belonging to the rest of ODM best beer promotion.