Just back from China and got lots of promos with links to cigarettes.   Companies use so many different types of lighters but this design caught our attention with its bottle opener integrated into the lighter.

This is a very practical combination of two items that are usually not associated to one another. The combination of both products is a smash hit for people who need daily use of both a lighter and a bottle opener. This is a great product for outdoor cocktails or parties, also as gifts to hand out during concerts or music festivals.

Lighters with integrated Bottle Openers

Like any other lighter this item is completely customizable. The two models pictured above are quite basic, but it is possible to open a mold for this type of product to make a very unique shape for the lighter and to incorporate the bottle opener in an original way. There is room to print a logo or a brand name on the sides of the lighter which will offer brand recognition for your company. This is a great item to give out as a free gift to customers as it will be used repeatedly and offer increase visibility of the brand name.

Contact ODMasia for any assistance in manufacturing of this product. Also check out our other blogs relating to bottle openers:

Note that for shipping lighters are considered a Hazardous Material so will require special shipping arrangements.