The Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair is now over and we are working on getting the best beer promos we saw onto the blog.

This on pack bottle opener particularly caught our attention. It is a very basic yet extremely useful product for beer promotions. The great aspect concerning this product is the fact that it can be easily packaged right onto a beer bottle. As you can see from the picture below the bottle opener fits perfectly on the neck of the beer bottle, which makes this item very easy to give away for beer companies as a promotional item.

On Pack Bottle Opener

There is no need for packaging for this product, reducing the cost of the promotional campaign for companies giving away this product.

When customers go to there local supermarket or corner store, they can be enticed to purchase a six pack of beer by seeing a promotional ad in the window or on the cardboard box that displays the free gift located on the neck of the bottle.

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This kind of promotion will be a smash hit since the customers will immediately be able to use there free gift after purchasing the pack of beer.  There is no better way to package this bottle opener then on the neck of the beer bottle. It is very practical because once the product has been used to open a beer it can be placed back on the neck of the bottle until you are ready for your second beer..

This product is very easy to customize for any kind of beer company. There is enough room to print a brand name or logo and to make the product in the colors of the beer company.

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