The drinks business is known as being very competitive. That’s why all beverage companies are always looking for new marketing ideas in order to attract and retain customers. The main thing here is to choose the right promotional product.This beer promo idea for Wooden Stand with Bottle Opener is the perfect promo product.

Beer Promo - Wooden Stand With Bottle Opener

Beer Promo – Wooden Stand With Bottle Opener

Wooden stand with bottle opener can catch the bottle caps, good to elaborate on easily brandable/large branding area in this part: We could place your brand logo on this bottle opener. As a good example we could see printed logo of San Miguel beer. There is also enough space to place the slogan on.

Why this beer promo is good product for your business?

  • In bars presence. Talking about drinks industry we need to remember that this type of merchandise is often used in the bars and clubs. It will increase your brand’s visibility and sales because customers will see your brand in time when they want to buy some drinks.
  • On-premise marketing. This is a good idea to build awareness of products and to make an impact. Coming up with things that may motivate customers to spend more money and show great interest in your brand is one excellent solution.
  • Branding area. Your wooden stands with bottle opener is a quite good product for beer promotions because it is fully customisable and easily branded. Also this bottle opener is bottle shaped stand and can repeat the design of your companies beer bottles.

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