Over the weekends, you invited some friends over for a couple of drinks. With the usual bottle of beers, some snacks and a football game. Well it is definitely time to spice up this boring old routine. So let’s come up with some interesting promo gift idea!

Imagine that you could open a bottle with style. Sounds interesting? Well, let me introduce you to the kiss bottle opener! This kiss bottle opener is the perfect promo gift idea. Customers can now open their beer with swag and fun. Look at the picture below for a clearer idea of this kiss bottle opener!

Promo gift idea: Kiss bottle opener

Promo gift idea: Kiss bottle opener

This kiss bottle opener is an attractive promo gift!

Firstly, it is creatively designed into a kiss shape. This gives it an additional fun factor. To make an eye-catching promo gift, companies have to think out of the box. Come up with things that may provoke customers to have great interest in your business. And this promo gift idea has definitely fulfilled the criteria of being creative!

Besides that, its peculiar exterior makes it an ornamental bottle opener. Customers would definitely want one of these cool looking bottle openers. These kiss bottle opener comes in colors like pink and black that makes it even more appealing to the eye. Its ornamental value would definitely serve as one of its unique selling point!

Not forgetting its utility value that is equally as high as its ornamental value. Not only does it look good, it is also useful to open bottles. Thus, this proves that a promo gift can be both ornamental and practical! When you offer something handy to your customers, it makes them feel appreciated and this in turns improves your customers’ loyalty.

Therefore, using this kiss bottle opener as a promo gift would definitely bring in business. Not only does it look good, it is also useful at the same time. With this promo gift it would definitely attract prospects and your sales would soon be soaring to greater heights.