An active promotional market always desires to have simple and eye-catching promo gifts. Delight your clients while increasing your brand visibility. ODM think this stylish beer promo gift-finger ring bottle opener here is a great idea for the beer industry.

Offer your clients this functional beer promo gift to make their logo extremely visible!  These Finger Ring Bottle Openers are unique with natural bright colors and makes the task of opening bottles easier!


What’s the highlight of this simple beer promo gift?

By putting branding on this little gadget, as you can see from the below attached image, the top part of the bottle opener is the great position which can increase your brand awareness greatly. Beer promo gift-finger ring bottle opener is an ideal promotional gift for any campaigns or events like bars, restaurants, parties etc.

Beer promo gift-finger ring bottle opener


Why do we love this finger ring bottle opener?

The reason why we love this lovely beer promo gift-finger ring bottle opener is not only it’s stylish design, but also due to it’s easy manufacturing process which can easily meet your budget and deadline for any event compared with other promo gifts. Various colors of the finger ring bottle opener are available, together with it’s standard size, it fits your  finger perfectly and works well. The material is flexible to be hard plastic or stainless steel. For the competitive industry such as the beer industry, people choose their drink according to the brands they remember which emphasizes the importance of using correct promotional products as drinks promos.

Metal finger ring bottle opener

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