International sports events are always of interest for the promotional and advertising industry. The competition does not stop at the sport challenge any more but also extends to a fierce struggle between brands for advertising & exposure.

Big players are striving to increase their visibility and reach new potential customers during these internationally broadcast  events.  Look for news trends and ideas.  Plan your own promotional campaign do not miss any of the action from upcoming events in your favorite sport.

Please find below our select calendar for 2011!

Some other events:

  • 06/02: American Football: Superbowl, Las Vegas
  • 07/04-10/04: Golf Masters Tournament, Augusta National (US)
  • 28/05: European Football: Champion’s league final, London
  • 29/05:  American Open wheel racing: Indianapolis 500
  • 23/05-08/06: Tennis French Open, Paris

Sports events in Asia:

  • 25/03-28/03: Rugby IRB Sevens World Series, Hong Kong
  • 15/04-17/04: Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai
  • 23/09-25/09: Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Please see below some blogs suggesting ideas for promotional products during sports events.  And do not miss the next blog regarding Sports licensing!

See also Special National Holidays by Date.