Custom foam hands are a huge hit with sports fans.  They serve as entertainment during the game and post game act as a souvenir after an enjoyable sports event. Foam hands can be made to your exact requirements and our team of designers can help you customize them for your next give away at a sports event.

Promotional Foam Hands

Here is a fun foam hand shaped which can be bent in different directions to make different signs.  This item is very fun for sports such as football, rugby, handball or any other sport where players and referees could be shown encouragement or displeasure during the game.  Fans do get overly excited trying to influence the players so this works well for advertising.

Of course our designers can create any kind of original foam hand based on your ideas and requirements.

This type of product is completely customizable and is always a smash hit with fans during sport events and especially at major events such as Champions League Finals, the Superbowl, NBA Playoffs, and the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2011 (October 2011).

This is a great way to get increase the visibility of your company’s logo and brand name.  Contact ODMasia for any request about concerning the manufacturing and designing of Foam Hand promotional products.