Clapper gloves are great promotional products to handout during  sport events. Sports fans will be thrilled to receive such a fun gift that helps them encourage their favorite sports teams. This type of product is of interest to official sponsors of soccer, basketball, football and baseball teams in order to promote their brand in a unique way. On the front side of the gloves can be printed a corporate sponsor’s logo or name in combination with the teams logo, offering value to both the sponsor and the fans. Clapper gloves can really have an effect on raising brand awareness for corporate sponsors.

Fans will use for this product as soon as it is given out to them. They will be thrilled by the huge roar the crowds will create using clapper gloves.

Clapper gloves are very efficient giveaway promotional products because fans will return to games with them. This will offer increased visibility of the corporate sponsor’ brand.

Clapper gloves can be adopted to different climates, for indoor or outdoor stadiums. The gloves will be a smashing hit in open air stadiums in the winter season as they will have a double utility; make noise and keep fans warm. The gloves can be completely personalized for your company or sport team using your unique design.

These will be prominent as major sports promos for 2011, including promotions for the upcoming Rugby World Cup.