Celebrating the Rugby World CupFootball GamesSports Day Parties – this Polo Shirt Shaped Clapper could be perfect for these occasions.

This Clapper comes in a handy and fun shape that suits sports events.  Whether it is an On-Pack Gift or a complimentary promo in any Goodie Bag, it is sure to delight your recipients.

Being a Noise Maker and usually held in the air when in use, this product will definitely draw attention to your company logo. Also, it is a great opportunity to associate your company with these events to create a fun-loving impression that will appeal to your consumer.

This Polo Shirt Shape Clapper is especially suitable for audiences at the football game as it matches with those that the football players are wearing. Nevertheless, you can also customize the clapper into shapes that your company desire.

Contact ODM Asia to customise your Clapper now!   Show your support for your country or favourite club and engage your clients and those within earshot.