FC Zenit is a Russian football club from the city of Saint Petersburg. The club plays in the Russian Premier League. The official FC Zenit store is currently proposing a promotional polo shirt. With every on-line purchase you will get a promotional polo shirt.  The main purpose of this promotion is to support FC Zenit on-line store launch.

Promotional Polo Shirt by FC Zenit  - GWP Russia

Promotional Polo Shirt by FC Zenit – GWP Rus

How can a promotional polo shirt improves brand recall?

Calling all football fans! Appeal to the game lovers with a promotional polo shirt. Sport teams can sell them to raise money and team spirit. Promotional products are one of the best ways to advertise for your business and promotional polo shirt makes for a great walking advertisement. Providing these promotional polo shirts to your customers and staff.  They will happily wear polo shirt around town and promote your business for you.

These promotional polo shirts come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are a full range of styles including men and  ladies fits. They fit  for just about everyone. Furthermore, they have a large area that can be used for your logo. On promotional polo shirt, you can print your logo or slogan in several areas, the front, back, arms. It’s rather unusual today to see a polo shirt that is plain, most have some type of image or logo.

Promotional gifts are the tags to stimulate interest and excite curiosity for your products and service. Choose promotional products with highlight the benefits of engaging others to do business with you. And start planning for your promotion now!

Just a couple of words about this promotion in Russian for our local readers:

Российский футбольный клуб Зенит проводит для своих преданных болельщиков промо-акцию. При заказе спортивных товаров в официальном он-лайн магазине клуба Зенит, Вам подарят футболку-поло с логотипом любимой команды. Футболка-поло – это очень удобный и популярный атрибут среди болельщиков, а также прекрасный рекламный носитель.