Football Club Spartak is a Russian football club from Moscow. The club plays in the Russian Premier League. FC Spartak have also reached the semifinals of all three European club competitions. The official FC Spartak store is currently proposing a promo pillow. With every on-line purchase you will get a promo pillow for free.  The main purpose of this promotion is to support FC Spartak on-line store launch. This promotion is exclusively for FC Spartak’s members, hence, indicating higher perceived value. This marketing idea is an effective way to popularize your company amongst your target audience.

Marketing Idea: Promo Pillow by Spartak in Russia

Marketing Idea: Promo Pillow by Spartak in Russia

How can this marketing idea improve brand recall?

Schools, clubs, organizations, sport teams, private companies all of them have discovered the ability to promote themselves with a promotional pillow. Promotional gifts are the tags to stimulate interest and arouse curiosity for your products or services. Choose promotional products with highlight the benefits of engaging others to do business with you.

An example of this is the promotional pillow. There are many variations of pillows on the market. Promotional pillow can be easily customized, to increase your brand visibility. You can usually find the company’s name or logo, brand message and some decorative designs. If the pillow still has enough printable space, some companies can even include the company details.

Promotional pillows are ideal as corporate gifts. One of them is the neck pillow, a common sight in cars, buses, and airplanes. Travellers find them very convenient for sleep. Despite the simplicity of  marketing idea, they are still effective in promoting your brand or company name. If given to an employee, it will encourage them to work well.  When given to potential customers, they will find it very pleasing to know that you have all the best interests for them.

People can do many of things with your customised pillow. This marketing idea also has an anti-stress effect on your customers. This gives everyone a relaxed feeling after a hard day’s work. Start planning your promotion right now!

A couple of words for our Russian readers:

Рекламные подушки – это оригинальный предмет интерьера, направленный на поддержание корпоративного имиджа и создание единого стилевого решения. Кроме того, подушка с фотографией или позитивной картиной удачно вольется в интерьер даже искушенного ценителя.