In a recent gift with purchase promotion carried out by Mars, Inc, M&M pillows were offered with the $20 purchase of participating chocolate. There are 4 different designs that customers can select from, all featuring the faces of the different spoke candies. M&M’s are “colorful button-shaped candies” produced by Mars, Incorporated. The candy shells are produced in an array of colors and have the letter ‘m’ printed in lower case. M&M also introduced “spokecandies” which are computer animated M&M candies.

This promotion was found in the NTUC Fairprice, a supermarket found in Singapore.

Gift with purchase: Pillow

Gift with purchase: Pillow

Why offer pillows as gift with purchase?

So many companies these days have discovered the ability to promote themselves with a gift with purchase; even a pillow. It creates excitement and buzz from your customers and translate it into sales.

Pillows make one of the best promotional gifts because they can be easily customized! This highly customizable gift with purchase allows your company to brand whatever message or logo you want! This can increase the visibility of your brand. If there is still more space, you can always add in your company details so that your customers can have a better idea with one look.

Offering pillows as gift with purchase are excellent as promotional gifts. This is especially so if you are in the travelling industry, where offering such portable cushions can really benefit your customers. When you give such gift with purchases to your customers, it really adds value to their purchase. They will feel more appreciated because not only do they feel that you care, they get more items for what they paid for. This is a double bonus to them.

So hurry up now and contact ODMasia to create or customize your very own gift with purchases! We will definitely be able to find something that can meet your needs.