With the increasing numbers of e-magazines, the market for print media is getting more competitive. Therefore you have to do a focused marketing strategy, to keep up your sales. A great way to support your marketing strategy is to use promotional products. The magazine Cosmopolitan recently started such a campaign with a gift with purchase by offering a free travel pillow.

Neck cushion as Gift with purchase by Cosmopolitan

Travel pillow as Gift with purchase by Cosmopolitan

What  are the benefits of this gift with purchase campaign?

Upon first impression, the only benefit seems to be the increasing sale numbers of the magazine. However, there are many additional benefits for Cosmopolitan than just an increased turnover. The offer of the travel pillow as gift with purchase itself will increase product recognition and brand awareness.

Furthermore, the travel pillow will let the customer think of Cosmopolitan every time they uses it. Therefore this campaign will have a great benefit by improving the customer retention of Cosmopolitan.

Travel pillows as promotional product:

One of the most important parts when choosing the perfect promotional item for your business is the branding space. A travel pillow has a great branding area on the cover, to print your logo, your artwork or your products on it.

Along with this, the common use of travel pillows are during vacations, the marketing potential is huge. Using a branded travel pillow during the vacation, your customers will unwittingly connect the fantastic feeling of the holidays with your brand. This way you can enhance customer retention and your product awareness.

Travel pillow as Gift with purchase by Cosmopolitan

Travel pillow as Gift with purchase by Cosmopolitan

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