An Advertising Product is a great way to improve your sales and ultimately increase profits for your company. One way this can be done is through the use of gifts with purchase. L’Oreal Paris have done this with their Men Expert range, offering a wash bag to go with the purchase of washing products as a gift.

Advertising Product - Gift With Purchase by L'Oreal

Advertising Product – Gift With Purchase by L’Oreal

Advertising Product - Gift With Purchase by L'Oreal

In the case of L’Oreal Paris, this is an exceptional choice of advertising product, as it compliments the wash related products being sold, and is likely to be used alongside them. A branded gift with purchase as an advertising product can be beneficial to profit as is seen here.

Increased sales can be achieved in this case because of repeat purchase, a product such as moisturizers and face washes are diminish-able therefor when complimented by a branded advertising product like a wash bag, repeat purchase is likely because it is exactly the item used to store your creams and face washes.  Reminding your consumer of your brand presence in the market.

Why an Advertising Product is great for profitability

Profit Maximizing, this is key for any business. Increased sales is one way an advertising product can achieve this, but there are more benefits to bring profit to your business.

  • Brand Exposure – An advertising product is a way to expose your brand, branded produce used as a gift with purchase is a great way to expose the brand when the advertising product is used by the consumer away from the place of sale.
  • Customer Retention –  Advertising products used in this way will retain customers, this is because value is added to the purchase. Delighted customers will always come back for more repeat purchase. As an added bonus word of mouth advertising is enhanced as consumers tell others about the product used.

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