Jameson has produced numerous promotional items in the past, including branded flasks or promotional glasses for example.  These have strongly contributed to its high brand awareness. But just because it is an established and well known brand, this does not not stop them from pushing promotional products all around the world.

In this particular example on show in Guangzhou, S. China, Jameson are offering a free gift with purchase.   This over the shoulder bag may appear to be a simple concept, but below we will explain why this is another example of successful marketing effort on Jameson’s part.

Liquor Promotional Product - Gift with purchase by Jameson's

Liquor Promotional Product – Gift with purchase by Jameson’s

Why we like this liquor promotional product?

  • Design: This is a great example of how to stick with brand themes and keep in line with the overall product offering. Jameson are known to be a premium liquor brand, as such it is essential that the gift with purchase is of that calibre. This shoulder satchel certainly does that, and integrates the brand in a clever and subtle way.
  • Practicality: When offering a gift with any type of product, it is essential that the gift in question offers durability and value, rather than offering a smaller and more perishable gift. By offering a desirable bag with the purchase, Jameson are offering something that is highly likely to be used and kept by the customer.
Liquor Promotional Product

Liquor Promotional Product – Gift with purchase by Jameson

  • Encourages sales: Because of the fact that this drinks promotion is merged with a free gift with purchase,  it is an efficient way to fuel sales. This is obviously the crucial element to the majority of companies! Offering gift with purchase also helps to increase customer satisfaction. This makes a customer feel that they have gotten their value of their money, and allows them to feel valued and appreciated by the brand.
  • Increases brand awarenessPromotional products are a great way in getting the brands name out there. When offering a product of high quality, and one that encourages use, you can be sure that it will be a significant catalyst of positive word-of-mouth.

Based on the aforementioned reasons, it is clear that including a promotional product to your brand can have a direct result on sales and contribute greatly to increased brand awareness. In turn this promo product will drive customer retention, and keep your customers back time after time.

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