One of the world’s most famous Whiskey company’s, Jack Daniel’s, is currently offering a liquor promotional product. In this case, a leather satchel and a 200ml bottle of Gentleman Jack (a premium variation of Jack Daniel’s) are being offered as gift with purchases with every sale. Below we will discuss why this is another example of successful marketing effort on Jack Daniel’s part.

Liquor Promotional Product - Gift with purchase by Jack Daniels

Liquor Promotional Product – Gift with purchase by Jack Daniels

Why Jack Daniel’s liquor promotional product is a great idea

  • Increase product portfolio: Offering a new liquor promotional product is a brilliant way to expand and strengthen your position in the market. A fantastic way to test the popularity of these new products is as a gift with purchase. This is what Jack Daniel’s have done here with the Gentleman’s Jack. If it is well received, then the complimentary product can be added your company’s product range. As a result, your business revenues will increase significantly.
  • Customer retention: Continuing to offer promotional products and gift with purchases are fantastic ways to maintain customer loyalty. This will ensure customers always purchase your products instead of rival competitors.
Liquor Promotional Product - Gift with purchase by Jack Daniels

Liquor Promotional Product – Gift with purchase by Jack Daniels

  • Encourage sales: A free gift with purchase is a great way to boost sales and gain attention of potential consumers. This promotional satchel will make customer feel like they are getting for their money whilst increasing customer satisfaction as well. The bag also offers a practicality that other promotional products cannot offer, since it can be used in many different ways. The fact that the bag encourages use will contribute to its ability to sell.
  • Design: It is crucial that any promotion is to be appealing to those passing by. This Jack Daniel’s display is both eye-catching and organised, which in turn improves brand image. Also, the premium packaging on offer here will provide plenty of space for branding. The material used for the satchel allows for clear brand and logo printing. This will go a long way to increasing brand awareness.

A gift with purchase can really put your product well above others. But point of sales displays can help it achieve more. Our blogs on POS displays can show you just how to do this.

Everyone love a free gift, so why not try test your new product as one? It is a wonderful way to see how customer’s react to your new ideas. Get your business expanding with a new promotional product now.

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